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ACHILLE MBEMBE, Planetary Politics for All Creation, 2022 [source]

For me, the planetary immediately evokes a connection between life and its futures on the one hand, and the Earth on the other hand. What comes to my mind is the biophysical organic material and mineral order - a geological magma-filled rock topped with the entangled orders of physical, organic phenomena such as plants, animals, minerals and so forth, as well as the artifacts and things and tools we have invented... I find it almost impossible to think of the planetary without thinking about life and about the Earth. I probably owe that to my interest in the animist metaphysics of precolonial Africa. That's the archive I draw on to propose this kind of understanding of the planetary as so closely linked to life, which itself is an indivisible process.

F. W. J. von SCHELLING, from 'Introduction' and 'On the Construction of Electricity' in Ideas for a Philosophy of Nature, 1797

We require to know how such a nature arose outside us, how even the very idea of such a nature has got into us... The first who saw mind and matter as one was Spinoza... Nature should be mind made visible, mind the invisible nature. Here is the absolute identity of mind in us and nature outside us, the problem of the possibility of a nature external to us must be resolved. The final goal of our further research is, therefore, this idea of nature.

Since the form of bifurcation into subject and object prevails endlessly in the universe, even matter, although reality here seems to lose itself, as at the extreme limits, in pure objectivity and corporeality, can still not be considered inanimate. Animation is bestowed on it by the first act of embodiment of the infinite into the finite, of which it is the outermost moment.

STEPHEN COLLIS, A History of the Theories of Rain, 2021 [source: Talonbooks]

Say / we will always have been living in the future like this / say / we will have always been pondering the course of history unfolding / say / our descendants will have always been thinking / what were they thinking / when thinking about us in those thoughtful days to come / but

The future is imperfect and tense / the deadlines will pass and still some will be dreaming states of continuity / I want to state some continuity / look at the climate and say / "my grammar did this to me" / my grammar and / my economy

YVONNE RAINER, Works 1961-73, 2020 [source: Primary Information]

GREGOIRE/ARENES/AIT-TOUATI, Terra Forma: A Book of Speculative Maps 2022 [source]

ELIZABETH GROSZ, Chaos, Territory, Art 2008 [source]

MAURICE BLANCHOT, The Writing of the Disaster 1980 [source]