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Andrew Forster's work includes installation, video, and curatorial experiments. Mer Parguayenne was a building wrapped in language - with poet Erín Moure, based on the writing of Wilson Bueno (2017). The video The Machine Stops, recorded in Le Corbusier's Chandigarh (Punjab and Haryana) is a parable about the end of the world (2019). No Bottom is a video document investigating the scores and improvisation of composer Malcolm Goldstein (2023). Waternature is an ongoing series of objects and writing about our ideas of nature.

As a video-maker and art presenter my interest is a non-promotional curiousity about art practices and experimental processes investigating the unknown. I organised the exhibition, voir et ne pas voir / seeing and not seeing which presented recent cowhide work of Montreal artist Mindy Yan Miller (Montreal, 2021). Fondation andré forestier (FAF) is a collective supporting curatorial experiment. L'endroit indiqué is a vitrine exhibition space in downtown Montreal. West Dover Contemporary is a future-space.

AF's critical writing looks at art practices as counterfactual gestures in the designed world and at the collision zone between art, design and nature as a vital space for action: Clairvoyant Practices for the Designed World - The Job of the Artist is to De-Design (intro and other texts here).

Andrew lives in Montreal, Canada.

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